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Digital imaging forensics for global LEAs

Our technology indexes imagery across the web to match online and offline personas,
in an effort to guide investigators in the retrieval of vital intelligence.

Product Details

CameraForensics platform has been designed in collaboration with law enforcement and built by technology experts. This means each feature is purpose-built for online investigators and designed to increase efficiency. Our technology indexes online imagery to link devices, similar images, locations and metadata to deliver intelligence vital to protecting victims.

We are always working on new ways of making connections from within our database. With a greater number of filters, including exif parameters to help identify unique cameras, users are more likely to obtain relevant images leading to higher prosecution rates.

Features at a glance

Growing database of over two billion images

Secure log-on

Inclusive & exclusive filtering

Interactive user forum

Powerful image processing


BigSearch functionality

Project VIC compliant

"With just one sample photograph from a digital camera, CameraForensics is able to scan the internet for other photographs taken using the same camera."

2 billion images indexed

We partner with LEAs, NGOs and other technology providers to support the wider efforts to eradicate personal crime. Our vision is to create a centralised global online imaging intelligence platform that removes silos and delivers essential information in real-time to protect vulnerable individuals.

2 billion images indexed

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