CameraForensics Partner with Paliscope on ICAC Investigation Tool Package

7 December, 2018


CameraForensics Partner with Paliscope on ICAC Investigation Tool Package

CameraForensics are announcing their integration with the ICAC (Internet Crimes against Children) package, from online investigation software provider Paliscope. The ICAC package integrates innovative tools used most frequently by child sexual abuse investigators with Paliscope technology: The Arachnid Web Crawler, CameraForensics, WebIQ and PimEyes.

This partnership is the result of extensive discussions between Paliscope and CameraForensics, WebIQ, PimEye and Project Arachnid, and a shared goal to ease the complexity of sourcing online evidence by providing one centralised investigation platform for all tools.

CameraForensics’s Contribution

CameraForensics indexes imagery across the web to match online and offline personas. The online imaging intelligence platform’s growing database of over two billion images makes it possible to link devices, similar images, locations, Exif data and other metadata.

Leveraging this new integration with Paliscope, investigators will be able to directly match collected data against the CameraForensics database to discover more crucial clues online.

Breaking down the ICAC Package

The integration will provide a new, efficient way for ICAC officers to search for information online.

The ICAC package brings together tools with different functionalities in one centralised platform, enabling law enforcement to gather evidence of varying types that will be vital to solving investigations and safeguarding victims.

To investigate a username on the dark web, law enforcement can use WebIQ, with PimEye’s face recognition technology investigators can find additional photos of a person they are searching for, and by using Project Arachnid’s web crawling technology, investigators can discover if an image exists anywhere else online.

Furthering the ICAC mission

CameraForensics Founder, Matt Burns, believes that this collaboration is a positive step for combatting ICAC offences: “Internet crimes against children are notoriously tough to investigate due to the covert nature of offenders’ online personas. What the ICAC Package is able to do is to use a combination of innovative technologies to ease the complexity of investigating these offences and to uncover previously unknown evidence. We are proud to be working with Paliscope, WebIQ, PimEyes and Project Arachnid on this initiative, which we believe will enhance the effectiveness of ICAC investigations and, more importantly, could lead to an increase in rescued victims.”

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