Our Agency Platform Empowers Law Enforcement to Collaborate in These 5 Key Ways

30 July, 2019


Our Agency Platform Empowers Law Enforcement to Collaborate in These 5 Key Ways

The CameraForensics database – already comprising over two billion images – is constantly expanding, meaning that images with the ability to crack a case can crop up at any time. As a proactive tool for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), the Agency Platform automatically notifies users when active devices and persons of interest are discovered, getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

Moreover, by integrating into state and national-level databases, the CameraForensics Agency Platform encourages collaboration between international LEAs. Transnational deconfliction empowers investigators to act on leads promptly, reducing the impact on victims of online crime while bringing perpetrators to justice more swiftly.

How the Agency Platform will impact the global LEA community

The CameraForensics Agency Platform is focused on providing novel leads and connections for those fighting online crime. This is achievable with minimal human input, enabling investigators to use their time more effectively instead of being weighed down by laborious, manual tasks.


Interpol already has a centralised database of imagery, which CameraForensics are certainly not looking to replace. Rather, we are trying to add to the toolset available to the LEA community. The more images and recorded devices available to them, the faster LEAs can resolve cases and protect the victims involved.


Web Crawling technology automatically alerts LEAs when new digital evidence is uncovered that is pertinent to cases they are working on.


Online crime does not respect geography. The Agency Platform is designed to increase collaboration between international LEAs by making connections between digital evidence involved in cross-border cases. For example, investigators would be notified if they are both looking at the same camera. This eliminates data and knowledge silos, allowing different agencies to combine different parts of the jigsaw.


The Agency Platform allows users from different agencies to openly share data between software, forming a global online crime-fighting ecosystem.


CameraForensics are a member of Project VIC, which is a coalition of law enforcement and private partners who “champion a transformation in the approach to child exploitation investigations by developing innovative technologies and victim-centric methodologies.”

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