The Role of Social Responsibility in our Product Roadmap

13 February, 2020

Dave Ranner

The Role of Social Responsibility in our Product Roadmap

The nature of our technology platform is centred around helping vulnerable people. But it didn’t start this way. Our first product was simply a digital camera finder, kickstarted when Matt’s camera was stolen.

It wasn’t until we were approached by Law Enforcement Agencies that we realised it’s true potential. That’s when we began to take our social responsibility seriously.

Attending the INTERPOL Specialists Group on Crimes Against Children meeting was also a huge turning point. Working with an international community all committed to such an importance cause was eye-opening.

Their passion and motivation inspired us to get more involved. Ever since, collaborating and developing tools to safeguard victims has been at the forefront of our product roadmap.

People and products come first

Every company needs revenue to survive – but profit isn’t the focal point of our business. Our focus is driven by our responsibility to the users, and ultimately, the victims they are protecting.

This means asking one question before every decision; “how many vulnerable people will this help?” Take our Agency Platform, for example, the sole aim is to help users combat online crime. So, by implementing a multitude of automation features, LEAs get the information they need, quickly and concisely.

We also value sharing over exclusivity for the same reason – working together, our industry can make a bigger impact. That’s why our platform is designed to support integration with other technologies. And instead of competing with others, we collaborate to achieve a shared vision.

Roadmap for the future

I’ll say it again; it’s all about our users. Government bodies, LEAs, NGOs, and more are working hard to protect the most vulnerable people. Our job is to give them the best tools to achieve this. At the end of the day, making their work easier and more effective is what motivates the direction of our business.

The improvements we are currently working on promise to do exactly this. Our online learning system is launching soon and will ensure users know the full potential of the tools, helping to maximise their impact.

We are also bringing in new features, such as more powerful searches, greater integration and increased automation in order to safeguard more victims.

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