Safer technology, safer users: A leap in the right direction

29 May, 2020


Safer technology, safer users: A leap in the right direction

Earlier this week, we were proud to be acknowledged alongside the UK’s leading Safety Tech companies in an independent report for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).

Safer Technology, Safer Users discusses the contributions of UK innovators to online safety. It also charts the progress of the Safety Tech sector from 1997 to the present day.

In the report, it was great to the commitment shown to collaboration and transparency. The global outlook held by many companies in the Safe Tech space is another huge positive.

Here are some of our biggest takeaways:

5 key takeaways from Safer Technology, Safer Users

Global approach

“47% of UK Safety Tech companies already have an identifiable international presence.”

Collaborative development

“A collaborative approach to developing solutions, bringing together larger tech providers, start-ups and government, was also felt to be of benefit in growing confidence in stakeholders that technical solutions to issues such as livestreaming can be deployed on platforms."

Accelerating progress

“Several consultees noted the need for regular roundtables bringing industry together with Government to raise awareness, share ideas, pitch and enable discussion, and to promote access to schemes such as accelerators and support for the sector.”

Becoming transparent

“Consultees noted that UK Safety Tech is home to a range of high-quality providers who want to show transparency in their approach to identifying and countering online harms […] This should help to provide potential customers with an assurance that the solutions they procure meet a particular level of technical and ethical rigour.”

Standardised legislation

“Consultees noted that there are often complexities contained within navigating the legislative framework and in particular how to balance Safety Tech with privacy rights […] In this respect, shared guidance alongside legal and regulatory clarity would be particularly welcomed by the Safety Tech market.”

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