CameraForensics platform now available through Paliscope

24 June, 2020


CameraForensics platform now available through Paliscope

The CameraForensics platform is now integrated with the Paliscope platform, at no extra cost for Law Enforcement Agencies. Users will get full access to the CameraForensics Tactical Search and Learn capabilities alongside Paliscope Discovry.

The long-standing partners have been working to support law enforcement professionals globally for over a year. They are combining their software offering to make intelligence tools more accessible, giving LEAs a more powerful and comprehensive platform to use in cases.

Now users can collect and manage their data online through Paliscope Discovry and seamlessly analyse this against the CameraForensics database, generating more actionable intelligence that can help solve crimes.

Paliscope provides efficient investigation software to help people discover, investigate and solve crime by empowering greater organisation of data. CameraForensics is an online digital image forensics platform that finds links with online imagery, helping investigators identify connected images and discover important details about key images using metadata, image similarity and other techniques.

Matt Burns, founder of CameraForensics said; “We measure our success by how many victims of crime we can help. That’s why the aim of our partnership with Paliscope has always been to empower LEAs and investigators to perform to the best of their ability.”

Christian Berg, Founder and CEO of Paliscope said: “The Paliscope platform is designed to be integration-friendly. Simply because we want our users to be able to access the most valuable tools and data sources in one convenient place, saving them valuable time and efforts. By making CameraForensics easily accessible for law enforcement, we hope to further equip them with the tools they need to combat crime efficiently”.

Dave Ranner, Commercial Director of CameraForensics continues; “Data transparency, availability and software integrations for LEAs is so integral to a successful investigation. The best way to achieve this is through collaboration.”

CameraForensics is looking forward to continuing their partnership with Paliscope, working together to provide intelligence technology that supports law enforcement and investigators to combat crime and protect vulnerable individuals.


Join us for a webinar together with Paliscope! You’ll learn how to utilise the CameraForensics tool within Paliscope Discovry to efficiently identify connected images online and generate more actionable intelligence that can help solve crimes. Register here:

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