Discovry & CameraForensics: 5 Takeaways from the Webinar

23 July, 2020

Matt Burns

Discovry & CameraForensics: 5 Takeaways from the Webinar

The integration of Paliscope’s Discovry and the CameraForensics platform was introduced to create a more powerful tool to make the jobs of investigators easier.

Our joint Webinar, held on Wednesday 8th July 2020, outlined exactly what the benefits of this collaboration really are. Here are 5 key takeaways from the event:


Discovry users now have access to a complete package integrated with CameraForensics. With resource management, robust searching, and image forensics capabilities, investigations will be even more efficient.

This integrated platform will empower users from start to finish; from gathering intelligence on the web all the way to producing the report. Plus, with direct access to CameraForensics’ Learn site, you can make the most of the tools available.


A primary benefit of this integration is that everything you need for an online investigation can be accessed from a single window. Discovry enables you to seamlessly flick between Paliscope, the CameraForensics platform, web search engines, social media sites and more.

This will save investigators a significant amount of admin time, so they can stay focused on the task at hand. It also ensures all your key information is stored in one location; so nothing is lost or missed transferring between sites.


Having the tools in the same place makes things easier - and they also work better together. CameraForensics enables you to find other images online that give more information for your investigation, including geographic matches, similar images and photos taken by the same camera. These leads will be indicated on the Paliscope interface alongside the Discovry data.

With all your intelligence held in a single database, organised by “cards”, users get a 360° view of their investigation. And for greater insights, connect your cards to discover important links and identify related clues to help you find new leads.

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The integration allows for more adaptable, diverse and actionable data visualisations.

Depending on the needs of the investigation, you can structure your cards by topics; for example, entities, people, objects or locations. Filters then enable you to dive deeper and hone-in on a specific detail or target.

Or for an even more comprehensive view of your case, click into the “Visualise” function. This is where users can create a virtual ‘string board’ – displaying all your data, how each item connects, and allowing you to move and change relationships as the investigation progresses.

Finally, the platform can convert your data automatically into a report, saving you time and energy so you can focus on what matters.


Overall, connecting these two platforms – the management platform and the search engine – empowers smarter, more efficient, and more progressive digital investigations.

The combined capabilities enable a more active investigation process that supports you to advance your case. It’s not just about finding, organising and analysing image data. But through identifying connections, you generate actionable leads which can be immediately researched without leaving the platform.

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