Paliscope: Why we believe it's important to integrate tools

25 August, 2020

Guest blog from Paliscope by Linn Holmström and Kristofer Jobson

Paliscope: Why we believe it's important to integrate tools

Collaboration between companies is extremely important, if not necessary, in our industry. Learning from other experts and sharing our skills is the key to building the best technology for our users.

This is especially significant when we consider the growing workloads, and the resulting resource and mental strain, investigators and law enforcement are experiencing every day.

One company alone can’t do enough to fix these issues. Instead, joining forces with other technology providers, like CameraForensics, enables us to more effectively help our users through the creation of more complete, accessible and interoperable tools.

What we do

As part of Safer Society Group, we have been building tech solutions to help discover, investigate and solve online crime since 2003.

Our experience of working with both law enforcement and multinational businesses made us realise that there was a growing demand for a user-friendly, all-in-one platform that supports investigators along every step of their investigative journey. From collecting data and discovering clues, to transforming that data into actionable intelligence in a final case report.

In March 2018 Paliscope was born. The Paliscope platform is now used by law enforcement agencies as well as other types of organisations around the world working to discover and investigate crimes.

The Paliscope platform

Paliscope is an all-in-one platform that supports users to manage and complete their investigations more efficiently. Our platform enables investigators to find, document and report evidence related to different cases.

The Paliscope platform consists of two products; Discovry and YOSE.


Discovry helps users to structure and collect data so they can effectively build their cases. With this product, investigators can gather data from anywhere, online or offline, securely store and organise their evidence, then automatically generate comprehensive reports.


YOSE lets users instantly track down all kinds of information within their local collection of unstructured data to quickly detect the exact intelligence they need, saving investigators time, effort and preciously limited resources. YOSE indexes everything from invoices, screenshots, PDFs, images and videos - making it all searchable.

Supporting our users

Overall, Paliscope’s main goal with this platform is to make it easier for investigators to find, sort through, and present data. By creating products that take care of critical evidence, we help investigators transform piles of data into actionable intelligence and finally close the case.

Here are some of the primary ways our tools achieve this:

  • Validated Reporting: It’s extremely important for investigators to report their findings completely and accurately. Discovry helps users do this by providing automated reports generated from your stored data, ensuring nothing gets missed or lost in the course of an investigation and saving you time on an otherwise administratively time-consuming task.

  • Audit Trails: Paliscope tools follow and record the pathway users take to discover new intelligence. This way, investigators can rest easy that the information they record and finally present is correct and that the evidence trail that led you there can be easily proven.

  • Data Integrations: The Paliscope platform is designed to integrate with various data sources, such as the CameraForensics platform and users’ internal databases, so that investigators can access and search for data within our interface. This limits the need for investigators to use disparate systems, keeping their evidence safer, and more organised in one location.

Why we collaborate

There is currently an immense amount of data in the world – and it’s only due to keep growing. New information sources, evidence, and techniques are emerging all the time, and at the same time online crime is on the rise. The fact of the matter is that one product can’t overcome these challenges alone.

That’s why we, and so many others in the industry, believe it’s absolutely imperative to form partnerships and collaborate. We choose to work with the best companies in the industry so we can achieve more and help our investigators to the best of our ability.

There is such a wide variety of great tools out there – so why not take advantage of each other. By integrating third party tools with our platform, we can create stronger, more comprehensive solutions for our users. Plus, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Integration allows us to better tailor our products for different needs, providing more functionality in one place.

A shared vision with CameraForensics

Paliscope began collaborating with CameraForensics one year ago. Both the companies were driven to use our technical expertise in a way that would make a positive impact for law enforcement, investigators and their victims. It was clear we had a shared vision and we decided to partner so that together we could make a bigger and better difference.

Our aim with this partnership is to make it as easy and time efficient for investigators to find the right evidence. We both share the mission of increasing tool capabilities to reduce both resource and time needed for investigators to drive investigations forward.

That’s why we’ve combined our Discovry platform with the CameraForensics platform – enabling users to access their digital image forensics tools without leaving the Discovry interface. Their expertise and standing in the forensics community, especially for child sexual abuse investigations, adds valuable insight and capabilities to our technology. Now, as a standard part of the Discovry product, we can address more specific challenges that investigators face and tech requirements that they have.

Together, these tools automate as much as possible; searching, gathering and organising key imagery for users. This way investigators can hopefully perform their work more efficiently, and reach conclusions to their case in a safe, accurate and timely way.

Future development

The Paliscope platform is constantly evolving so that we can improve our current solutions and help our users. We continue to develop our products to keep up with growing amounts of data and emerging challenges investigators face every day.

In particular, we are planning to increase the integration and customisation capabilities of Discovry for the benefit of our users.

Our partnership with CameraForensics is also extremely valuable and we hope to keep a tight collaboration, continuing to support each other and build better technology together.

Find out more about Paliscope and our work, or read our latest news.

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