CameraForensics unites with WePROTECT Global Alliance

19 October, 2020


CameraForensics unites with WePROTECT Global Alliance

We are pleased to announce that on the 1st October 2020 we officially joined the WePROTECT Global Alliance with a joint commitment to tackle online child sexual exploitation (CSE) across the globe.

CameraForensics have joined the WePROTECT Global Alliance (WPGA) which brings together members from around the world aiming to collectively eradicate online CSE, safeguard victims and apprehend perpetrators.

The strategic group engages organisations of all sizes and focus – from tech giants and international charity organisations, such as Microsoft and UNICEF, to small start-ups – to encourage mutual collaboration, empower progress, and catalyse cooperative action towards this common goal.

WePROTECT Global Alliance to End Child Sexual Exploitation Online is one of the largest and most diverse alliances in the world created to mobilise a global effort to fight and end child sexual abuse. Recently launched as an independent organisation in April 2020, the international initiative represents the union of WePROTECT, which was convened by the UK Government, and the Global Alliance, led by the U.S. Department of Justice and the EU Commission.

Their mission is to bring together the influence, expertise and resources required to transform how online abuse is dealt with worldwide. To help them achieve this, they have four key objectives:

  • Ensure senior decision-makers take action

  • Amplify the voices of children, victims and survivors

  • Be the definitive source of knowledge on the threat and how to respond

  • Forge new networks and drive collaboration to ensure a truly global response

Amongst 98 Government bodies, 39 technology companies, and 41 civil society organisations, CameraForensics have been included in the coalition for their contribution to developing technology for good, with expertise in digital imaging forensics and innovation, plus their role in community building and collaboration.

David Ranner, Commercial Director of CameraForensics, states; “Having a network of organisations working together is the only way we’re going to successfully tackle the problem of online CSE. The work WePROTECT is doing is extremely important and we’re proud to be part of it.”

Iain Drennan, Executive Director of WePROTECT Global Alliance said; “We are delighted to welcome CameraForensics as our newest tech industry member. CameraForensics have used their technological expertise to create solutions to help law enforcement authorities and NGOs disrupt offenders and protect children.

Their work demonstrate how digital technology is an essential part of the solution and response to online-facilitated child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSAE). We are looking forward to deepening our collaboration, sharing knowledge and working in partnership to harness the power and capabilities technology can offer in order to find innovative solutions to better protect children from online CSAE."

We share WePROTECT Global Alliance’s vision to create a global community and have made it a priority to create international partnerships, collaborate wherever possible, and actively advocate for the creation of an integrated community in this industry. We currently work with a range of organisations to develop better investigative tools that meet real-world challenges and support LEAs to safeguard victims and close cases.

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Some of our global partners and collaborations include:

  • Safer Society

  • Netclean

  • Griffeye

  • Pathfinder Labs

  • Project VIC

  • The INTERPOL Crimes Against Children Experts Group

Our partnership with WePROTECT Global Alliance is a valuable opportunity for us to grow our network and extend the reach of our work, protecting more victims with the help of this powerful community. We look forward to a growing partnership of collaboration where together we can deliver real change.

To find out more about WePROTECT visit their website, or get in touch with us to discover how CameraForensics can help you.

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