An image intelligence treasure hunt – follow the clues!

8 April, 2021

Matt Burns

An image intelligence treasure hunt – follow the clues!

You may have noticed… we’ve added a few fun treasure hunts to our learning management system.

We know that getting to grips with online investigative tools can be a chore. Your job already comes with a lot of stress and hardship – we want our tool to be a support for you, not a burden.

To that end, we wanted to inject some interactivity into our guides. We wanted to bring some life back into the learning, giving you a puzzle to solve that will help you explore and master the features CameraForensics has to offer.

Inspired by Easter and our own garden Easter egg hunts, we have placed some similar challenges throughout the different courses on our system. There are multiple puzzles to try, guided by cryptic clues and framed as ‘real’ cases.

Once you’ve found the starting point you’ll be presented with the evidence. From there it’s up to you to follow the clues and solve the case.

We’d love to know how you get on - so tag us on Twitter or LinkedIn when you’ve cracked it and uncovered the ‘treasure’!

How many are there to be found?

We’ve created 4 mini treasure hunts in total – all to be found in different learning course.

Look out for this option when exploring our courses;

This is the door to your treasure hunt challenge!

Where can I find the treasure hunts?

Here are the courses where you can find the challenges:

Each one gives you an initial task - leading you down a case-like trail to test the different skills covered in the modules.

The starting point is always an image we’ve placed in an online location. You’ll need to use your learnings to uncover clues from these images, investigating the evidence just as you would in a real-world case.

For example; you might be given a serial number to work with and asked to find images that share the same number.

Or you might have to work with an image with no metadata. You’ll be asked to find similar copies of this image and leverage the metadata they contain to progress your case.

You’ll also get hints and tips along the way to keep you going.

Are there more puzzles to come?

We’d love to keep going with this challenge and create more treasure hunts in the future. Let us know what you thought of the puzzles – and keep an eye on our social channels in future to see if we release any more!

We love to talk to our users about their challenges, needs, and questions. Always feel free to get in touch if you want to talk.

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