10 Years of CameraForensics

6 December, 2021

By Dave Ranner

10 Years of CameraForensics

This year marks 10 years since CameraForensics was formed. To mark the occasion, we thought we’d take a look at the history behind our company, how our mission continues to evolve, the incredible network of partners that we’ve developed, as well as what our plans for the future are. Read more below:

It all started with a stolen camera

The CameraForensics you now know all started with a stolen camera. When our founder, Matt, found out that his camera had been stolen, he developed stolencamerafinder to get it back, making use of his camera’s Exif data to retrieve it. Realising that this may be used to help other people in the same situation, he began developing the site.

Bumping heads with various others on the road and eventually moving into a Bristol office space that saw him interacting with other startups daily, and a few contracts later, and Matt was working alongside Julien to improve web crawlers.

When realising this tech could help those affected by exploitation by targeting CSAM online, CameraForensics was formed.