Meet the team member: Chaz Hickman

10 November, 2022

By Chaz Hickman

Meet the team member: Chaz Hickman

“It’s been a real pleasure to join CameraForensics – partly because it’s a company doing awesome stuff for a great purpose and partly because the team there have been so welcoming and helpful. I may be the new guy, but there’s been no shortage of opportunities to understand the scope of the work we do, and to contribute in a whole host of different areas. I am really excited about the future!” 

We’re incredibly excited to welcome our newest team member: Chaz Hickman. Chaz is super excited to start working on helping us consistently optimise our infrastructure and processes. Below, we sat down with Chaz to get to know him better.  

Joining a mission-led team 

“I first heard about CameraForensics many years ago through talking with Nathan. I was always fascinated by the idea of combining cutting-edge technology with the mission of driving good and meaningful change.  

This combination of tech and positive change was the biggest driving force for me when it was time to consider applying for an opening. I was also inspired by the culture and passion I saw as I began talking to more of the team. Seeing everyone’s enthusiasm and drive to push their own capabilities in action was such a motivating factor.” 


Creating consistent and optimised processes  

“As a data engineer, I’ll be involved in two core areas.

The biggest area that I’ll be focusing on is making sure that CameraForensics’ infrastructure remains consistently updated and optimised. The main objective is to create a secure and stable platform that allows the rest of the team to confidently focus on their wider mission. 

That’s probably the biggest portion of it, but the other side is around helping to build the data pipelines that CameraForensics uses in its research work. As part of this I hope to get an opportunity to work with most of the other people in the team, taking a deeper look at the mission and challenges that we’re facing, and helping to enhance our approaches to it.” 


Each infrastructure is unique 

“The initial challenge was familiarising myself with the specifics of the infrastructure. As much as you can understand the tools and the concepts, each infrastructure implementation is different. There was definitely a learning curve as I worked on making sure I had a good grasp of the systems and services we maintain. 

I think that the wider challenge also stems from really trying to grasp the full brunt of what the team is trying to achieve. We’re working with some great worldwide partners that are all dedicated to tackling a global issue, and I think that developing that understanding will be really important in order to be as effective as possible.” 

Incredible opportunities to push my abilities 

“I think that I’m most excited about the mix of familiarity and new opportunities – and being able to devote myself to the CameraForensics mission.  

I’m confident that I can bring something to the table while also developing my own skillsets at the same time. Able to dive into leading processes and innovations, the mix of evolving capabilities and familiar processes makes this role really appealing to me.” 


Join the CameraForensics team

When Chaz isn’t at work, you can find him deep in books, on the road on his bike, or taking the latest flight simulation software for a spin. We’re so excited to have him on board and look forward to seeing him grow alongside his role.  

We’re always on the lookout for great team members. If you’re interested in joining us at CameraForensics, visit our careers page for more insights on our current vacancies, culture, and more.

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