CameraForensics partner with Onemi-Global Solutions to fight pervasive online child exploitation

2 June, 2023

By the CameraForensics team

CameraForensics partner with Onemi-Global Solutions to fight pervasive online child exploitation

This collaborative partnership will enable CameraForensics to strengthen its offering, bridging technology and law enforcement to protect more victims of child exploitation.

CameraForensics, a leading provider of online investigation solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with Onemi-Global Solutions, comprised of a renowned group of law enforcement consultants with unmatched expertise in global child exploitation. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in CameraForensics’ mission to strengthen core capabilities and deliver unparalleled support to users in safeguarding the victims of child exploitation.

CameraForensics has a long and proven track record of working with law enforcement agencies and is embarking on a new strategic direction through its partnership with Onemi. This will play a pivotal role in shaping future product development – effectively bridging the gap between technology development and law enforcement. By joining forces, CameraForensics is paving the way for innovative advancements that address the evolving needs of law enforcement engaged in the fight against child exploitation.

The alarming surge in Category A material, the most severe type of child abuse material, has posed an urgent need for effective solutions. According to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), these numbers have more than doubled since 2020. Recognising this critical issue, its collaboration with Onemi-Global Solutions underscores CameraForensics’ unwavering commitment to combating child exploitation through advanced technology.

Speaking on the partnership, David Ranner, Commercial Director at CameraForensics, commented: “Onemi joining our team is an amazing opportunity. This partnership will help improve our market intelligence and help us to even better understand the online world of child abuse and investigation.  

“I also really believe that their product development expertise can direct us to new problems. I look forward to getting more insight into what new tools investigators will find helpful, and what usability and training resources they’ll find the most valuable as well. Functioning as user-representatives, Onemi can give us the direction that we need as friendly critics.” 

Onemi strives to work with driven companies that have a strong ethical and moral compass – a core factor that led to them joining the CameraForensics team. Both teams share a vision to deliver greater impact and affect meaningful change. 

Jim Cole, a founding partner at Onemi expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership with CameraForensics, stating: “We are extremely excited to partner with CameraForensics. They epitomise the kind of company we aspire to work with.”

“As an organisation built on decades of experience in intelligence software, online investigations, and law enforcement we’re confident that we can support CameraForensics in developing the tools and resources that online investigators will find truly valuable. We can’t wait to see what the future of this partnership will bring.” 

CameraForensics Founder, Matt Burns reflected: “We’re always keen to work with anyone that can forward our mission, and Onemi’s insight is world-class. I can’t wait to begin shaping our future strategy and development with their input and support, always keeping sight of our founding principle, which is to protect innocent people through the power of technology.

The partnership between Camera Forensics and Onemi-Global Solutions represents a powerful alliance and a shared mission to combat child exploitation. Combined with Onemi-Global Solutions’ unparalleled experience, CameraForensics is poised to make a significant impact in protecting the most vulnerable members of society. Together, the organisations hope to continue empowering online investigators, ensuring a safer and more secure future for all.

About CameraForensics

CameraForensics aim to transform online imaging intelligence through global efforts with powerful technology, R&D and industry collaboration. Their mission is to facilitate investigators and help safeguard victims of online crime, particularly sexual abuse, human trafficking and child sexual exploitation.  

About Onemi 

Onemi-Global Solutions specialise in offering consulting services to organisations actively engaged in combating child exploitation or providing support in this important cause. Their primary objective is to assist these organisations in making a significant and lasting difference in the lives of children. With their extensive experience and unwavering dedication, Onemi-Global Solutions is exceptionally well-equipped to provide subject matter expertise and valuable capabilities to these organisations. Their deep passion for this cause further enhances their ability to contribute effectively in this field.

For more information on Onemi-Global Solutions, visit

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