Wrapping up CameraForensics Connect 2023

12 December, 2023

The CameraForensics Team

Wrapping up CameraForensics Connect 2023

Spanning two days in the heart of London, CameraForensics Connect 2023 was our first in-person user summit. Bringing law enforcement and developers together, we shared insights, feedback, and ideas on how to create a more effective and collaborative approach that helps to safeguard children across the world.  

Over the two days, we delved into emerging technology threats and explored the innovative tools and techniques shaping the future of digital forensics. If you weren’t able to make it to the event in person, or you did attend and would like a recap on the highlights, we’ve got you covered. 


Highlighting the importance of collaboration and trust

One of the greatest takeaways gained from the event was the importance of collaboration and trust between law enforcement and technology.  


Our first panel session focused on real-life examples of how CameraForensics and our other R&D tools led to successfully safeguarding 100s of children across the world. We saw inspiring case studies from police forces from all corners of the planet. A huge thanks to Lindsey Dick, Scott Anderson, Lisa Mcilfatrick, Jim Cole and Interpol for sharing their stories and techniques. 

The biggest success stories that we hear of come from the projects where these two sides work closely together, and for good reason. Bridging the knowledge gap enables software developers to create the tools that investigators will find truly useful, while also allowing these same investigators to be as confident and efficient in using them.