My time at CameraForensics so far, from the challenges faced to the impact made

14 May, 2024

Chaz Hickman

My time at CameraForensics so far, from the challenges faced to the impact made

Our infrastructure engineer, Chaz Hickman, has been deeply immersed in a wide range of projects here at CameraForensics over the past two years, helping to ensure that our projects have the infrastructure and capabilities needed to make the biggest impact possible.

Recently, we took the time to catch up with Chaz to learn more about his journey since joining the team – from his initial experience of coming on board, to the hurdles he’s tackled along the way, as well as the aspects of his role that resonate with him the most.

How would you say that your specific role contributes to the wider CameraForensics mission?

“My role at CameraForensics is varied, split between focusing on our technical capabilities and helping to advance our customer-focused solutions, so there’s always something for me to get involved with.

To progress our technical capabilities, I need to make sure that our infrastructure is optimised and able to keep up with new integrations, additions, and scaling. This involves not only managing our current systems but also spearheading new projects that enhance our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

I love getting involved and creating the infrastructure and capabilities needed to make our solutions user-friendly. It all results in us being able to offer the best products and services possible, which is something I can feel proud about.”

Can you share some of the key insights you’ve gained during your time with CameraForensics?

“Absolutely. It’s been about a year and a half now since I joined CameraForensics, and I’ve been lucky enough to learn so much about our mission, and the impact we can make, already. I think that the biggest insight that I’ve had since joining the team has been understanding the sheer scale and size of the mission we’re tackling.

This is my first role involving law enforcement, and understanding the complexities firsthand has definitely been eye-opening. We’re lucky to have some great partners, like the Onemi-Global Solutions team, and interacting with our users and partners has provided invaluable perspectives on how our work directly impacts and supports their efforts.”

What are some of the most significant challenges you’ve faced during your time at CameraForensics?

“As an infrastructure engineer, I’m involved in a lot of the work that we do, but managing that infrastructure comes with its own set of challenges.

I think that one of the most significant challenges I’ve faced was getting that initial understanding of our existing infrastructure. Learning how we work, and identifying areas for improvement, was a challenge, albeit an exciting one that involved a lot of careful analysis and collaboration with the team to make sure that we were on the right track.”

In what ways has your expertise or skill set grown since joining CameraForensics?

“Working at CameraForensics has been a continuous learning experience, and it’s been great to develop my skills at the same time as contributing to our mission. The nature of our work means there’s always something new to explore and learn, and being surrounded by such a driven team has been instrumental in my professional growth.

There’s such an amazing culture here! Everyone’s so committed to learning as much as possible to develop what they do further, and they’re more than happy to collaborate and share knowledge. There are always discoveries being made, and being part of that environment encourages you to stay up to date on the latest breakthroughs.”

How do you stay updated on developments in the field, and how do you integrate new knowledge into your work?

“You need to be driven to learn in this industry and be able to recognise and understand how to use new tools and technologies.

Being part of the CameraForensics team means that you’re updated on the latest news and developments regularly through general collaboration, and we all love doing our own research as well.

Whether it’s sharing insights during team discussions or conducting independent research, I love finding out any information that helps me to expand my understanding and integrate new knowledge into the work I do.”

Can you provide examples of the projects that you’ve worked on that have been particularly impactful or challenging?

We’re working on a new project at the moment that’s been a challenge but also has so much potential to help our mission. We wanted to make sure it worked smoothly, was easy to use, and was accessible.

Striking the right balance between technical complexity and user-friendly design wasn’t easy, but we’ve managed to deliver something that I’m really proud of, and look forward to sharing more with you when we can.”

“I think that, like almost everyone at the moment, I’m really interested in the possibilities of AI. It’s important to recognise that it comes with its fair share of challenges, but it also holds immense potential, and there are so many exciting opportunities for innovation.

I’m also really interested in the ongoing advancements in cloud services , as we see offered by providers like AWS. These are the advancements that give us the ability to enhance our capabilities and continue creating the solutions that matter, and I can’t wait to see how these innovations will continue shaping the future of our mission.”

Committed to driving positive change

Collaborative, passionate, and determined, we’re committed to driving our mission forward. Whether that’s through conducting the R&D projects that equip us with new tools, or by managing the infrastructure that sits behind our solutions, every member plays a crucial role in advancing our capabilities and achieving our goals. Together, we’re committed to pushing boundaries, innovating, and making a real difference in the field of digital forensics.

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