Who We Work With

To make our tools as impactful as possible, we work alongside other technology experts and integrate with their offerings. From other innovators to funding partners, tech experts to NGOs, we work alongside a wide range of organisations to continue furthering the positive global impact we aim to create.


Integration is important for a whole host of reasons – primarily equipping investigators with the tools they need to further their case and connect with victims faster than ever. We are currently integrated with the following to enhance investigations, and are constantly expanding our resources with additional platforms.

Organisations & NGOs

Committed to furthering investigations across multiple digital forensics areas, we are proud to be supportive partners of the following in their mission to raise awareness and facilitate positive change. From non-profit organisations to law enforcement agencies, we are proud of our ability to facilitate change and drive progress.

Having a network of organisations working together is the only way we’re going to successfully tackle the problem of online CSE. The work WePROTECT is doing is extremely important and we’re proud to be part of it.” David Ranner, Commercial Director of CameraForensics

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Tech Experts

We work closely with some of the best in their field to constantly improve the CameraForensics platform, aiming to make it easier, and more efficient, than ever for investigators to retrieve the results required to forward their case, identify illegal activity, and connect with victims. Our current technology experts support us in this mission:

The challenge of cross-border crime and how to tackle it David Ranner, Commercial Director of CameraForensics

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Funding is vital in allowing us to continue developing innovative tools to achieve results and reach potential victims, and we are incredibly grateful for our current, or future, funding partners. We’ve successfully gained funding for a variety of projects that allow us to further our mission and cause:

Through StormCrawler, web data can be retrieved and processed for a multitude of use cases ranging from small to very big data. It is used by a global audience, as well as forming the vital backbone of CameraForensics’ operations Julien Nioche, CameraForensics

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Access our expertise

Find the CameraForensics platform and access our expertise for your next project to aid in a wide range of online investigation and image procurement efforts with security, privacy, and confidence throughout.

CameraForensics has been included in the latest iteration of the framework as an innovation solution provider and fulfils a demand for more data intelligence tools in the public sector CameraForensics

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Interested in partnering with us?

We are always looking for likeminded partners that want to join us on our journey to deliver advanced intelligence tools to make a positive global impact on a wide range of issues such as trafficking, CSE, and terrorism. To join our growing community of partners, contact us here.